Kitchen Medicine for Colds & Flus: 4 Part Intensive

In this series, you'll learn what to do at the first sign of a cold, what preventive measures can be taken during the fall and winter, as well as how to address respiratory infections and fevers using what you have on hand in your kitchen.

Each lesson comes with a video, a PDF handout, and a PDF recipe card.

No prior experience with herbal medicine necessary!

What’s included:

  • 4 one hour lessons video lessons (you can keep them for life)
  • Notes covering the key herbs and protocols
  • 4 recipe cards with medicine making best practices including how to take and store your concoctions.

Lesson one: Prevention & the Lymphatic System

  • Overview of the immune and lymphatic systems, as well as which other organ systems affect these
  • Food as medicine
  • Sleep, movement, nervous system support
  • Medicine Making Recipe Card: Fire Cider

Lesson Two: Immune Tonics & the Acquired Immune System

  • What is your acquired immune system and how can you support it with herbs
  • What are immune tonics and how to use them
  • Considering autoimmune conditions
  • Medicinal Mushrooms 
  • Making, storing, and using medicinal broths
  • Medicine Making Recipe Card: Deep Immune Tonic Broth

Lesson Three: Addressing Respiratory Infections & Supporting Mucus Membranes

  • Herbs for the common cold
  • The role of mucus
  • Differentiating which herbs for which types of coughs
  • How to safely do a chest plaster
  • How and why to steam
  • Medicine Making Recipe Card: Elderberry Syrup and super simple cough syrup

Week Four: Dealing with Fevers & a Garlic Deep Dive

  • The role of a fever
  • Stages of a fever and what to do at each stage
  • When to seek further support
  • Supporting convalescence
  • Medicine Making: Garlic Deep Dive

"Such a nice intensive! I felt like I gained new tools to battle winter illness without being overwhelmed with new information. A really fun class at a really good pace." -R.C., former student

"Kelly's knowledge shines in this class. She offers concrete information about herbs and our body systems while at the same time sharing real examples of how to use the info to best support ourselves. I especially loved learning the historical uses of herbs like elderberry or garlic + honey because it affirms there is long-lasting wisdom in the herbs themselves and that's a really magical thing to witness through my own use of them." -W.F., former student


In the third lesson, you'll learn about the antiviral properties of elderberry and elderflower, as well as a recipe card for how to make your own elderberry syrup at home.

Onion Honey Cough Syrup

Learn to make this overnight cough syrup that uses two ingredients and doesn't require cooking. Both onions and honey protect our mucus membranes from infection.

Medicinal Mushrooms

One way we can support our deeper immune functions (like creating new immune cells) is through incorporating medicinal mushrooms. Learn about the acquired immune system, how these fungi friends can help, and how to make a broth with them.

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